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Was the match held really?
If so, please tell us its result and detail.

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Luciana Sandoval vs Elena Villatoro

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About the match between Luciana Sandoval and Elena Villatoro (two salvadoran beauties), efectively it was held in may 22, 2002.

It was a best of 3 fall (pin falls only match) and was televised.

Unfortunely, it was a bad match (totally faked action) and the referee called a "draw".

Everything began when Elena Villatoro during her morning radio talk show (Radio Femenina - Female Radio), said that she wanted to be a wrestler.

Then her co-workers, used this like a joke, and began to looking for challengers.

Suddenly, a fan suggested Luciana Sandoval (from TV morning show "Hola El Salvador) as her rival.

Luciana accepted and everything else was history.

The match was held during the TV morning Show "Hola El Salvador" and after it ended, the producers perform a telephone survey to decide who was the best.

After 10,000 calls, Luciana won with 60% of the votes.

It was very disappointed.

Answer ( 12/18/04 )

This was not a real fight, it was real stupid, the word is true.
They couldn't even fake it so I agree with the friend here!