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Please tell us any information of these Games and others if you know.

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1 : Karate Babes game can be found at www.bikinikaratebabes.com and Catfight game review is at http://www.cdmag.com/articles/007/184/catfight_review.html;. DOA2 is dead or alive 2 but they already have dead or alive; 3 out for Xbox which is the best game of the three.

2 : About "Catfight" on the left of those three photos.
It is basically a "Beat'em Up Game" like "Streetfighter". The difference is that all characters are female. I strongly suggest not to buy the game. Every game-magazine voted the game a "worst game ever". The controls react slowly, it's easy to guess the opponents' actions and the game is "all in all" not worth a dime, totally useless, crap, trash.
It's also no "real catfight game". It is about punching, kicking and some super-special-moves.

3 : There is a site where one can download old PC & Console (SEGA / Nintendo) Games FOR FREE
The name is www.oldgames-fr.com.
They provide an easy-to-install SEGA-emulator and an lod SEGA-Game called "Ringside Angels"
This is a cute little "all female wrestling game".
It is NOT Catfighting, but since it is WRESTLING and for free it might worth being mentioned.
The game is really cute PLUS there is a two-player mode....