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Chapter 47. About a Movie ( 10/29/05 )
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Question ( 10/29/05 )

Please tell us any information about a movie if you know.

1. An American music video (Dance or Hip Hop?)

2. Featuring two women wrestling, a black and an Asian.

3. They were wrestling in either mud or oil.

4. It was made quite a few years ago, maybe 5 or 6 years ago.

5. It had quite a high budget.

Clue ( 11/04/05 )
A word "Mother" may be related.
Clue ( 11/09/05 )

The music video was an updated version of the Duran Duran classic 'Girls on Film'.

The winner was walking away triumphantly compared with the loser against the ropes at the end of the video.

Clue ( 11/14/05 )
Duran Duran Girls on film
Clue ( 11/14/05 )

IFILM - Music Videos Duran Duran Girls on Film -

The uncensored version of "Girls on Film" released this year

Clue ( 12/03/05 )

Nothing to do with Duran Duran. The video you're thinking of was a work of a hip hop band.

It featured a black woman with an afro and an Asian woman in an oil wrestling match.

At the end the 2 women are seen together at the wrestling promoter's apartment.

Pretty good video, can't remember the name of the band.

Clue ( 12/10/05 )
"Full Moon" by Armand van Helden.
Answer ( 12/17/05 )
Thank you for the replying.
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