About various browsers

Some stylesheets of this site have been improved somewhat for various browsers like FireFox, Safari, Opera and so on.

Please try to browse this site by them once.

July 5, 2008

About E-mails and Message Board

There is a possibility that some E-mails to us and some messages to our message board have been lost because a bit of PHP script didn't function while it was being improved for recent weeks.

Please re-send E-mails or re-post messages if you happen to know of it.

Thank you.

March 8, 2008

About "Mail Form"

There is a possibility that all forms like "Mail Form" didn't work for a few months.
I apologize to all visitors who sent messages to me.
Now I'm ready to receive all messages via all forms in my site.

Thank you.

December 9, 2006

About browsing this site by "Internet Explorer 7"

Please do the following procedure if characters in this site seem to be wrong when you browse it by "Internet Explorer 7".

1. In Internet Explorer.
2. click [Tools] - [Internet Options] - [Advanced] tab
3. check off [Multimedia] section - [Always use Clear Type for HTML]
4. click "OK"

Be aware that this setting applies to browsing of other sites, too.

About the accident of receiving E-mails.

My fatal mistake about receiving E-mails was found out now.
Since April 2002 over 400 mails had been left behind my mail server by my misunderstanding its setting.
Moreover about 100 mails may have been lost.
I apologize to all mail senders for my failure.
Excuse me even if I can't reply to all of you.
But as my web contents I'll upload precious materials you sent and valuable news you told.
I'm preparing for setting them.
Then now I'm ready to receive all mails.

Thank you.

January 11, 2003

About this site

Increase of Internet sites is accelerating day by day, therefore it's too hard to find our favorite site even by search engines.

So, I started this site so that I kindly introduce many sites about "women's fights".

At first I intended to make this site only a relay point or a intersection.
In other words it has been a primary goal to introduce world sites (particularly Japanese sites) in the world.

But, because many of Japanese sites support only Japanese, I readjusted some of those contents and reprinted them at this site to make inspections easy.

Then some video clips will be shown as samples of; catfight videos within the scope of; non-disturbing; those videos sales.

The source fundamentally must be cleared about the reprinted contents. I don't intend at all that I disturb the business of those video companies and violate a copyright .

In the following, the standards of my site is shown about the contents to deal with at this site.

1. I only reprint the contents that it is difficult to view for only Japanese indication and so on. In this case, the source is indicated clearly.
2. I only reprint the contents that some lost sites had on the Internet in the past. In this case DEAD SITES or their sources are indicated clearly.
3. For uploading video clips from my archives I carefully consider if it disturbs sales of video tapes.
4. As any contents, they are clearly limited to catfight materials.