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Your Name : Mark
Where are you from ? : Suffern N.Y.
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Email Address : san2chi@OPTONLINE.NET
Comment : Hi Jamie I realy enjoyed meeting you , Ginger and Martina at Romantic Depot on Oct 21 in Paramous. of your sites I enjoyed seeing you take that girls dress off I also enjoyed the solo pictures. I foreget which site it is.
Your Name : dr james q nicol
Where are you from ? : new york usa
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Comment : your site is most enjoyable most people would purchase asian language videos -cds if the ordering process was available thank you
Your Name : david
Where are you from ? : kent
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Comment : I love the catfight pictures and videos, and anyone out there that enjoys the same
Your Name : Kyle Jensen
Where are you from ? : Fresno
Your Web Site : yahoo
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Your Name : Rob
Where are you from ? : Holland
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Comment : Visit http://www.brutalcatfight.com/ if you like to see women fight against each other. BUT : : : the winner gets all the money, the looser gets penalized (humiliated: she must do blowjobs and such) !
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Your Name : Peter
Where are you from ? : U.S.A.
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Comment : Thanks for all the informations. I like your website.
Your Name : Jason
Where are you from ? : Calgary Alberta
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Your Name : Ryan Daigle
Where are you from ? : U S OF A
Your Web Site : Ryans female fight zone
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Comment : keep up the good work.
Your Name : tenshi
Where are you from ? :
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Email Address : snowballyko@yahoo.com
Comment : Hi do you know any japanese sites that has ko in it, can you tell me which ones have jpegs and such. i cant find them, thanks
Your Name : Guest
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Email Address : portairorwa@yahoo.com
Comment : hello! . . . i love woman punches woman in the stomach and KO. and go down on the floor, real boxing, cartoon clips, catfight, pics, whatever. So, do u have them or any website which contain about these? Please mail me if u have them or know the websites,
Your Name : JAMIE LYNN
Where are you from ? : LA,, CA USA
Your Web Site : www.jamiesfunhouse.com
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Your Name : katdaddy
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Your Name : Aryo
Where are you from ? : Indonesia
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Comment : I love watching wrestling. This is complete site. Good!
Your Name : Fking
Where are you from ? : Bulgaria
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Your Name : BILL WICK
Where are you from ? : SAN DIEGO,CA.
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Your Name : Gary Malcolmb
Where are you from ? : Canada
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Where are you from ? : U.S.A.
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Your Name : whity
Where are you from ? : living in Japan
Your Web Site : www.kakutoubijo.com
Your Favotrite Site : www.catfight.co.jp
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Comment : The address for my website Japanese Fighting Women has changed. New URL is www.kakutoubijo.com Thanks for the link!
Your Name : john
Where are you from ? : united kingdom
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Your Favotrite Site : catfight city
Email Address : goward7@hotmail.com
Comment : i love your website,i just wish japanese catfight videos were available to buy in the uk,as they look ?ike the best around.do any uk shops sell them.
Your Name : Hito
Where are you from ? : Venezuela
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Your Name : TOUKA
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Comment : lŁE lIȗRŁAE`HPU鎖ɂȂ܁E ‚܂ẮANĒƍKŁE ˑRA‚Ԃ‚Ȃ肢ŁA萔|܁EX肢܂m(__)m
Your Name : James
Where are you from ? : mizzu
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Comment : sup?
Your Name : mahanoro
Where are you from ? : france
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Comment : hello from France. Great site! Do you know Takao Nakanos films? He seems to be a catfight specialist in Japan...
Your Name : nicnac
Where are you from ? : germany
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Your Favotrite Site : just this one
Email Address : nicnac@online.de
Comment : I oughta thank you for the great work youre doing. Even though Im not such a lover of catfights I feel not neglect because other interests are considered, too. So one more: Im glad there is a man doing this excellent work for us all. Tanxalot again :-)
Your Name : x0409
Where are you from ? : About
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Your Name : jeremy
Where are you from ? : illinois
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Comment : i really love catfighting alot and i want the mpg on movie clips that i can see just for you and you have to help me okay thanks
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Your Name : antonio
Where are you from ? : Peru
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Your Name : bend5
Where are you from ? : IL
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Comment : Good pro-style,ring,bikini-topless F/F wrestling.
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Your Name : tempfoo2000
Where are you from ? : USA
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Comment : Hello Shudoh. Great site... Ive been using it for years. You have the best company list Ive run across.
Your Name : M&N
Where are you from ? : Italy
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Your Favotrite Site : ECNWC
Email Address : newcomersfromitaly@yahoo.com
Comment : Great Site! Any girl 18-35 wants a rules catfighting? Looking for an opponent, first time or very little experience. no pro or body builders. small built(160cmx48kg- 53 110lbs), so similar in size. Bye. M&N
Your Name : Tom
Where are you from ? : Poland
Your Web Site :
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Email Address :
Comment : Hi! I must say your site is very impressive and I enjoy browsing through it. I have one small request. Could you possibly upload some mpegs from the DWW or the Golden Girls sessions? I am aware of your limited bandwith, but I hope you can upload it as so
Your Name : JENZ
Where are you from ? : USA - LA, CA
Your Web Site : www.jenzpinup.com
Your Favotrite Site : www.jenzdollhouse.com
Email Address : jenz@jenzdollhouse.com
Comment : Hi, just wanted to update everyone to some new catfighting sites. First the Super Model Catfight Network is www.supermodelcatfights.com and our two new sites that have been added to the network are: www.catfighttheater.com www.officecatfights.comTha
Your Name : Mark
Where are you from ? : City of Love,MA.USA
Your Web Site : www.yahoogroups.com/group/WomensHeavyweightExtremeBBWWrestling
Your Favotrite Site : above
Email Address : bradarv@att.net
Comment : I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic site and especially your super links! I have found several here that I wouldnt have found otherwise, you are a true Renaissance Man of wrestling!Yeah!
Your Name : MISS LEXI
Where are you from ? : Chicago, Illinois USA
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Your Name : antonio
Where are you from ? : Peru
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Comment : Very good page, me part favorite is art. Bye.
Your Name : Webmaster Shudoh Kanare
Where are you from ? : Japan
Your Web Site : http://www.femfight2006jp.com/
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Comment : FEMALE FIGHT FAN will be closed until June 24, 2004.http://www.femfight2006jp.com/
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Your Name : Shandy
Where are you from ? : hollywood, CA
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Your Name : sai10
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